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Waste Trap Repairs

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Job Type: Waste Trap Repairs | Job Location: North Rexford Dr., 90210
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Customer Symptoms:

A client called us complaining that his waste trap was clogged and not functioning. He was unfamiliar with plumbing and did not know where to look to solve the problem. He was unsure whether this was a serious issue.


Before our technician went to the client’s location, we explained to him how important it is to ensure that waste traps function properly. If a waste trap is clogged, harmful sewer gases may enter the home or property and cause potentially serious health hazards.


The technician surveyed the situation and noticed that the seal on the waste trap was not secure, leaving the property prone to gases. He explained to the client that, over time, momentum, evaporation and air compression can cause the breakdown of the seal. While the technician did not know what had caused the seal to fail, he ensured that he replaced it completely to prevent gases from entering the property and made sure that the waste trap worked before leaving the property.

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