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Waste Trap Repairs

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Job Type: Waste Trap Repairs | Job Location: Beverly Blvd., 90048
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Customer Symptoms:

A client called our company with a report of a clogged waste trap. He claimed that his sink wasn’t draining correctly, and that he was concerned about the extent of the damage.


Our technician met with the client and verified that the waste was moving through the pipes instead of to the sewer. The technician determined that he would need to access the waste trap in order to remove the clog.


The technician shut off the water supply using the valve underneath the sink. He placed a bucket underneath the sink to catch any debris that fell out of the pipe. He was then able to unscrew the cleanout plug and use a pipe wrench to remove the couplings on the trap. Using his fingers, he cleared the trap of the hair, soap and food that had built up over time in the sink. After verifying that the trap was still in good working order, he replaced the trap and the couplings and finished by running water to ensure that he had removed the clog successfully.

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