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Waste Traps

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Job Type: Waste Traps | Job Location: Elm Ave., 90266
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Customer Symptoms:

We received a call from a homeowner concerned that her waste trap was broken. She had been smelling gases throughout her home, and her husband believed that they may have been exposed to sewer gases.


Because the homeowner already knew of the health hazards due to exposure of sewer gases, we sent a technician to her residence right away to prevent further damage and complications.


The homeowner showed our technician the waste trap in question, and he noticed heavy corrosion and rust by the P-trap. He was able to replace the damaged pipe with a newer PVC pipe and fed it into the cast iron behind the wall. Before leaving the residence, the technician had to make sure that the waste trap was working properly and that fumes were being diverted away from the home rather than into it. He reassured the homeowner that both she and her husband would still be able to take apart the P-trap to clear any clogs that may arise.

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