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Waste Traps

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Job Type: Waste Traps | Job Location: Vidor Dr., 90035
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Customer Symptoms:

A landlord contacted us with concerns that his tenant’s waste trap was malfunctioning and that sewer gases may have entered into the property.


The client was already well aware of the dangers of a broken waste trap and was worried that this particular trap was also not properly preventing oils from entering into the public water system, so we got right down to solving the problem.


The technician determined that the pipe had corroded between the P-trap and the cast iron behind the wall. By replacing the worn pipe with a PVC pipe and then connecting that to the cast iron, the technician was able to lead the PVC into the tail pipe. The technician made sure that there were no leaks and no fumes escaping the pipe before he finished the task and that the landlord or tenant would still be able to remove the P-trap if a snake will be used to unclog the drain in the future.

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