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Water Drainage

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Job Type: Water Drainage | Job Location: Barnaby Rd., 90077
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Customer Symptoms:

A homeowner called on our technicians in an attempt to see why water would continually pool around his front door, regardless of the severity of the rainfall. He was a father of two small children and taking care of an elderly parent. He expressed concern for their safety while walking indoors and outdoors.


Although there was no simple explanation such as a heavy rainfall that would cause the flooding, the technician knew that pooling of water was typically indicative of poor drainage systems.


After checking the home, the technician noticed that the gutters around the residence were cracked and appeared to be 25 to 30 years old, which could cause easy clogs and messy drainage. After discussing this with the homeowner, the technician offered to remove the old gutters and replace them so that water would drain properly away from the home. The water drainage system also required remodeling so that they would reroute the water down a hill on the side of the home.

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