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Water Drainage

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Job Type: Water Drainage | Job Location: Glendon Ave., 90064
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Customer Symptoms:

A business owner was experiencing water pooling around his building and was concerned that his customers would slip and fall around his property.


Although we had not experienced any significant rainfall at the time of the call, our technician knew that even the slightest amount of water could flood an area if it was not draining properly. The technician surveyed the location and the building to determine the cause of improper drainage.


The technician determined that the gutters on the building were not working correctly. They were old, cracked and needed replacement as they would become clogged and spill out near the building and onto the property. The technician was able to successfully remove the old gutters and replace them with new ones that would allow for proper drainage. Additionally, the technician remodeled the drain system to ensure that each gutter either flowed into a ditch or down a slope on the side of the building to prevent pooling around the area.

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