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Water Pressure

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Job Type: Water Pressure | Job Location: Granville Ave., 90025
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Customer Symptoms:

A client contacted us after describing poor water pressure in his kitchen faucet. He had tested the shower heads, other sinks and bathtubs before calling us and explained that it was just the kitchen faucet that was not functioning properly.


Our technician assessed the situation, found that the kitchen faucet was victim of a mineral deposit build-up and assumed that this was the cause for the poor water pressure.


The technician explained to the client that a mineral deposit build-up over time can clog faucets and prevent full water pressure from circulating throughout the home. He shut off the water to the home and removed the faucet to confirm his suspicion. He showed the client where the build-up was located and what to look for if the client noticed other faucets acting in the same manner. The technician removed the mineral deposits, reattached the faucet and turned the water back on to ensure that the water pressure had been properly restored.

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