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Water Pressure

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Job Type: Water Pressure | Job Location: Troon Ave., 90064
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Customer Symptoms:

A customer needed our help to determine why her shower head had low water pressure when there was more than enough water coming out of the bathtub spout.


After verifying that the bathtub spout, the faucet in the bathroom and the kitchen sink all had sufficient water pressure, the technician focused his attention directly onto the shower head itself.


The technician was able to determine that hard water deposits had clogged the shower head over time and that it needed to be cleaned. He unscrewed the shower head and turned the bathtub faucet to divert water specifically to the shower to clean out any remaining deposits or debris. After replacing the shower head, the technician noted that the water pressure still had not improved. He was then able to make the accurate assumption that the customer needed to purchase a new shower head. The client had one available so the technician was able to install the unit for the client instead.

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