Your Laguna Beach Plumber Since 1931

Home to a thriving community of artists, Laguna Beach is like an impressionistic painting come to life. While the sandy shores, rocky cliffs and blue waters of Laguna Beach promote an active outdoor lifestyle, Ritz Plumbing understands that you want your life at home to be just as appealing. A well-functioning plumbing system is essential, not only to protect your home from water damage but to improve your comfort at home as well.

Fast and Reliable Emergency Repairs

Any leak in your pipes, drains, sewer lines and gas lines requires immediate attention. Whether you need urgent pipe repair, gas line repair or trenchless sewer repair, a 24 hour emergency plumber from Ritz Plumbing is just a phone call away. From a new gas line installation to immediate sewer line repair Laguna Beach, no emergency situation is too complex for our savvy team. You’ll enjoy the sunset over Wood’s Cove even more when you know that you have a reliable 24 hour emergency plumber on call to attend to everything from hot water heater repair to sewer line repair Laguna Beach.

Solutions for Any Plumbing Need

Whether you need a commercial plumber to install sprinkler systems Laguna Beach for your business or you need a plumber Laguna Beach for a simple faucet repair or dishwasher repair for your home, you can count on our experts to provide solutions. As a full-service plumber Laguna Beach, we offer a complete range of domestic and commercial plumbing services Laguna Beach. From installing earthquake valves to protect your property to an innovate tankless water heater installation Laguna Beach, our goal is to provide effective, affordable solutions.

Drain Cleaning Services

Obstructed or clogged pipes impair water flow and pressure, driving up your water bills and impeding performance. Rather than risk the integrity of your pipes to conventional drain cleaners or a DIY rooter Laguna Beach, call our experts for professional drain cleaning Laguna Beach.

Ritz plumbing also provides highly efficient products like a tankless water heater installation Laguna Beach that not only enhance your comfort but saves you money as well. Whether it’s a hot water heater installation or a new water pressure regulator, you can depend on our skilled technicians to help make your home as appealing as the vibrant art scene and scenic shores of Laguna Beach.