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Ritz Plumbing has bee serving Lynwood for more than 80 years. We’re the residential and commercial plumber that has the experience and the proven track record of quality work and great customer service. We’re the 24 hour emergency plumber our customers count on to be there whenever they need us. Here’s why we’re the plumber Lynwood homeowners and business owners trust.

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Residential Plumbing Services in Lynwood

We handle everything from faucet repair and dishwasher repair to complete bathroom or kitchen remodels and new construction projects. We offer tankless water heater installation Lynwood residents rely on to provide them with continuous hot water. Hot water heater installation and hot water heater repair are handled by professional technicians with the expertise to do the job right the first time.

We rooter Lynwood sewers and drains too, and our drain cleaners work quickly to clear slow and clogged drains. Call us before the heavy winter rains hit, and we’ll help you avoid backed up drains that can cause flooding and damage to your home. If you’ve got sewer issues, we provide trenchless sewer repair that can prevent the need for digging up your lawn. And we’ll keep that lawn looking its best through the very dry summer months with sprinkler systems Lynwood residents love to use. We’ll help you program it, and then the system does the rest, making sure your lawn, shrubs and flowers get the water they need to survive months with little or no rain. If your system needs a water pressure regulator, we’ll add one.

Ritz Plumbing pros do gas line repair and gas line installation for all gas appliances and equipment in your home. Since Lynwood sits on some of the most volatile earthquake faults in the LA basin, we offer earthquake valves that will protect your home if the gas line is damaged.

Commercial Plumbing Services Lynwood Business Owners Trust

We serve Lynwood businesses with a full range of commercial plumbing services. If you need the tankless water heater installation Lynwood restaurants, daycares, elder cares and other clients rely on, give us a call. We’ll select the right unit or group of units to meet your needs and help you reduce utility costs for water and gas. We’re here for sewer line repair Lynwood customers know will be handled promptly and effectively. If you think you have a leak, we’ll provide leak detection Lynwood business owners depend on for quick diagnosis and repair of the problem. We offer pipe repair of all types and can replumb your system if required to bring it up to code.

Call us Today and We’ll Be On the Way

We look forward to showing you why Ritz Plumbing is the plumber Lynwood calls first. We do it all including sewer line repair Lynwood customers need when problems occur. For drain cleaning Lynwood residents and business owners know is dependable, give us a call. We’re your 24 hour emergency plumber too, so call us whenever trouble strikes, and a fully-stocked, bright yellow Ritz Plumbing truck with skilled plumbing technicians will be dispatched to take care of the problem. It’s just that easy! Call Ritz Plumbing today no matter what you need, and we’ll be on the way with prompt, professional service and a customer-centered approach.