Slow and clogged drains can be a headache for many Manhattan Beach homeowners, something that a massage from your favorite spa on Manhattan Avenue or chocolate from See’s simply cannot cure. The only cure for this type of headache is drain cleaning & repair from Ritz Plumbing. When it comes to the highest quality drain cleaning & repair services in the area, Ritz Plumbing stands high above the rest. You simply won’t find the same level of service or knowledge from any other drain cleaning company that you can find. We have over 80 years of experience with this type of work and use state of the art drain cleaning tools for each and every job.

We Can Handle All Types of Blocked Drains, Anywhere in the Home

No matter where you may be experiencing a blockage in your drains, Ritz Plumbing can help. We can even offer storm drain cleaning. From the bathroom and kitchen to the basement or pool house, if there is a drain that needs to be serviced, you can always count on the drain cleaning & repair services that we offer at Ritz Plumbing. We will be able to get a look inside of the drain with our drain cleaning tools and effectively make the repairs that are needed. As a drain cleaning & repair company with an excellent reputation, Ritz Plumbing gets the job done right, the first time.

Blocked Drains are a Nuisance – Learn How to Stop them in their Tracks

Typically, when we come to your home for drain cleaning & repair, we will notice that the drain has gotten stopped up for a particular reason like hair in the shower or grease in the kitchen. Our expert technicians will be able to explain why the clog happened and how you can stop it from happening again. For example, we may be able to offer drain cleaning & repair on a shower that has been clogged with hair, then after, offer suggestions on new equipment, like stoppers or drain catchers that can help. This is just one more service that the friendly staff at Ritz Plumbing can offer our clients.

We also provide the following services to Manhattan Beach: