Though there are not many freezing nights in Marina Del Ray, you can be sure that at times, you will need to turn your heater on. No one likes when it gets cold from the crowds at Mother’s Beach to the cyclists at Ballona Creek, but at some point the temperature will drop and the cold will come. When this happens, are you sure your heater is ready to handle it? If not, contact Ritz Plumbing for top quality heater repair. Home heater repair is one service that we are extremely pleased to offer and since we are open 24 hours, day or night, if you need our services for your system, we will be there.

Heater Repair can be Done Quickly and Efficiently When you Call Ritz

If your heater is acting up or simply not working at all, you will need to call a professional to come in and take a look at your system. Sometimes the only heater repair that is needed is a simple cleaning, other times you will need something a little more intense. It doesn’t matter what type of heater repair that you need, you can be sure that the team at Ritz Plumbing can take care of it very quickly.

We Can Repair and Replace All Types of Systems

It doesn’t matter how large or small your system is, nor what type of heater you have, our skilled technicians will be able to expertly handle any heater repair that you may have. After being in business for over 80 years, we have had experience with almost every type of system on the market. You can be sure that you can trust the staff from Ritz Plumbing and that every heater repair that we do will not only meet, but will exceed all of your expectations.

We also provide the following services to Marina Del Rey: