Don’t Get Stuck In The Muck. Let Us Clean Your Sewers!

Most homeowners don’t think about sewer cleaning until a problem occurs. Periodic cleanouts can prevent sewer line clogs that can flood your yard with waste and even cause foundation problems. Backups can result in thousands of dollars in repair expenses and require extensive yard excavation.

Ritz Plumbing specializes in providing fast, efficient sewer cleanout services. We have protected residents in the Newport Beach area from the effects of sewer clogs for more than 80 years.

Our experienced service technicians use some of the most sophisticated equipment and snakes in the industry to clean out sewer lines and remove clogs before they can ruin your outdoor living space. Our machines feature high-pressure nozzles to power through debris and prevent it from backing up your sewer system.

If a clog exists, our professionals can use an electric snake to break through the clog and keep your sewer pipes operating properly. We can even provide sewer repair services to fix cracks that can leak waste into your yard.

Before your appointment, take a few minutes to locate the clean out plug outside your home and remove any obstacles from around the plug. This allows our experts to easily access and remove the clean out cap for efficient sewer cleaning. Clearing the clean out plug area allows us to clean your sewer lines more quickly so that you can get back to your day.

No matter where you reside in Newport Beach, we can come to your home night or day. Whether you need snake cleaning, a routine cleanout, or line repairs, you can count on Ritz Plumbing to get the job done in a friendly, professional manner.

We also provide the following services to Newport Beach: