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Call Ritz Plumbing today for all residential and commercial plumbing needs in Norwalk, CA and the surrounding communities. Our trained and experienced plumbing technicians are fully-equipped for repairs, installations, remodels and new construction projects.

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We work with other contractors to coordinate our services, so that major jobs are completed on time. And when trouble strikes at night, on the weekends or even holidays, Ritz Plumbing is the 24 hour emergency plumber that will come running whenever you call. Here’s what our customers have come to expect from Ritz Plumbing, the plumber Norwalk depends on.

You’ve seen our distinctive yellow trucks in Carmenita, Civic Center, Studebaker and Norwalk’s other neighborhoods. Give us a call, and we’ll show up at your door to provide you with prompt, professional plumbing and great customer service.

Commercial Plumbing Services Norwalk Trusts

Our commercial clients include small businesses, large corporations, schools, daycare and elder care facilities and municipal customers. As a leading commercial plumber in Norwalk, we have the expertise, equipment and certifications to get the job done right the first time, and we guarantee our work. If you need earthquake valves for your system, we’re the area’s leader for proper installation.

Call us for hot water heater installation whether you need a single point of use model or a large-capacity gas-fired water heater. Our technicians are skilled in tankless water heater installation Norwalk businesses depend on, supplying units from the top brands in the business. We can install a series of large-capacity heaters linked together when demand is high. We’ll install the units and adjust them to provide the right water temperature for your specific purposes. Whether you need water heater repair or installation, Ritz Plumbing offers solutions.

We install the sprinkler systems Norwalk lawns, shrubs and flowers love. Our systems are fully-automated. Programming is quick and easy, and our technicians provide clear training with every job. If you need a water pressure regulator for the system, we’ll install that as part of the package.

Residential Plumbing Services in Norwalk

We’re the residential plumber Norwalk, California homeowners, renters and property managers rely on for any plumbing issue. Ritz Plumbing does tankless water heater installation Norwalk residential customers appreciate. We’ll choose the right water heater for your home or apartment, so you’ll enjoy on-demand hot water at all times. Running out of hot water while showering or doing the laundry will be a thing of the past.

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If you choose a gas-fired unit, we can supply gas line too. Our gas line installation service is also available when you install a gas range, gas dryer, fireplace insert, furnace or boiler. If you have an older gas line, Ritz Plumbing is the plumber to trust for safe gas line repair or replacement.

Our residential repair services cover dishwasher repair, pipe repair, faucet repair as well as hot water heater repair.

Drains and Sewer Repair in Norwalk

If your home or business has drains that are slow our clogged, avoid using harsh drain cleaners that can harm pipes as well as the environment. Call us for dependable drain cleaning Norwalk customers know will safely do the job. We rooter Norwalk drains as well as sewers to clear backups, roots and other debris. When a leak occurs behind a wall, beneath the soil or under a cement slab on your property, prompt and professional leak detection Norwalk is critical to minimizing damage. Using specialized equipment like in-line video cameras, our leak-detecting experts can quickly locate leaks and resolve them with minimal disruption to your home. Ritz Plumbing is the choice for professional sewer line repair Norwalk clients depend on to hold for decades to come. When possible, our Norwalk plumbing technicians use trenchless sewer repair that spares your lawn and reduces costs.

For small repairs like a clogged toilet or leaking faucet to major remodeling and new construction work, we hope you’ll consider Ritz Plumbing. We’re the leader for water heater installation, leak detection and sewer line repair Norwalk trusts to do the job right the first time.

For major work, we’re happy to supply you with a no-cost written estimate. When you choose Ritz, you’ll get professional plumbing services of the highest quality at competitive prices. And when the unexpected happens, we’re your 24 hour emergency plumber that comes running when you need it the most. We’re Ritz Plumbing, Norwalk, California’s choice when excellent counts for more than 75 years. We look forward to serving you!