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Is one of these things clogging your toilet?

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Having a clogged toilet is never an easy thing to admit.

Whether or not you’re responsible, and no matter what the source of the problem is, people immediately start forming opinions about you and your home.  In a highly desirable neighborhood like Manhattan Beach, this domestic issue can be especially embarrassing.

One of the best neighborhoods in the South Bay, Manhattan Beach is known for its wealthy homeowners and cultured surfing aficionados.  Whether it’s the Hill Section or Downtown, its residents represent the laid-back sophistication for which the coastal communities in Los Angeles are famous.  Here the bar is set high, so you want your home to run smoothly.  But there’s no getting around it – accidents happen.  And sometimes they occur seemingly for no reason.

For example, you may have taken all the necessary precautions to ensure that your toilet works as it’s supposed to, yet it still gets backed up.  What’s especially frustrating is that sometimes no amount of plunging helps.  You need to call a professional.

Luckily you’re not far from the best rooter Manhattan Beach has to offer.  Ritz Plumbing can always figure out the problem, no matter how obscure.

Most people know not to flush anything but toilet paper, but sometimes the cause of a clog is more complicated, as you’ll see.


Kids get a kick out of not just playing with toys, but finding inventive things to do with them.  Ask a parent, and he’ll probably tell you that when his kid properly returns a favorite toy to its rightful place, it’s more the exception than the rule.

The flush of a toilet can be fascinating to a child, and testing a toy’s ability to swim is just too tempting to pass up.

Loose Change

When you’re on the go, sometimes it’s easier to just stuff change in your pockets.  It’s great for convenience, but bad for your pipes.  When it’s time to use the toilet, dollars and even coins can fall out of your back pocket, and end up clogging the drain.  Actually loose change can be substituted for Kleenex, receipts, even smart phones – anything from your pockets.


As adults, we all know that trash goes into a trash can, but sometimes wouldn’t it  be so much easier to just send it down the toilet?  Don’t do it!   Even small quantities and easily disposable items can get trapped, and cause a serious disruption in your plumbing.

Illicit Substances

If you’ve ever watched a film that features some characters on the wrong side of the law, one of the common practices they use to dispose of certain substances before a police raid is to flush it down the toilet. Needless to say, there are a lot of copycats out there. And if our plumbing team ever comes to restore a home after the CSI team leaves, it does not bode well for the piping. Most of these substances commonly clog and even damage the piping quite easily.

Poor installation

Sometimes a pipe failure has nothing to do with a physical object.  If your plumbing was fitted or repaired by someone who was inexperienced, then it’s possible that your clog may be a bigger problem.  Actually, misaligned pipes can cause a host of issues and lead to water damage.  If you suspect this has happened in your home, contact us.

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