No Drain is Too Clogged for Our Drain Cleaning and Repair Team

Anyone who has ever taken a shower in water up to his or her ankles knows how annoying a clogged drain can be. It not only detracts from the satisfaction and comfort of the shower, but it can also prevent you from using the drain completely. Our Orange County, California drain cleaning and repair team can unclog drains for a reasonable price. We are available 24 hours a day to guarantee the residents of Orange County have someone they can call for all of their drain cleaning and repair emergencies.

We Have the Tools to Complete Any Task the First Visit

The certified technicians at Ritz Plumbing & Heating are trained to tackle any drain, whether it’s the kitchen sink, the shower, or any other drain you might possibly have in your home. Our drain cleaning and repair technicians promise to quickly clear any drain with helpful and friendly service. Our team has all of the necessary equipment and drain cleaning tools – such as the flexisnake and drain cleaning bladder – to complete any task on the first visit. Our drain cleaning and repair plumbers are skilled in all types of drain clogs. Whether it is caused by built-up hair or excess grease, it is no problem at all. Other companies attempt to string customers along for multiple visits while they dance around the problem, but at Ritz Plumbing & Heating we make sure all of our customers are satisfied and the problem is corrected the first time.

Contact Our Drain Cleaning and Repair Team Today

Contact us at Ritz Plumbing & Heating the next time you have a drain cleaning or repair emergency. Our professionals are available day or night and can help with any plumbing-related problem. We even offer sewer drain cleanings. Plumbing problems can be serious and should be corrected by professionals in order to prevent further damage. Eliminate annoying drain cleaning problems and ease your worries by calling us today. We will handle any problem you have and can work around your schedule to make sure the schedule appointment time is most convenient for you. Feel free to attend an Angels game and relax while we take care of all the drain repairs at home.

We also provide the following services to Orange County: