Southern California, known for its abundance of sun and warm temperatures, is not a location many associate with heating systems. Despite the fact that many residents spend a lot of their days under the sun at theme parks like Knott’s Berry Farm, there are occasional cold days in the winter that require heat, and the temperature also drops considerably on some nights. It is essential to have a properly functioning heating system to keep warm when the temperature dips down. During warm months when heat is not required, it is recommended to occasionally turn on the heater to make sure everything is functioning properly and ensure it is in working condition for the next time it is needed. Ritz Plumbing offers around the clock heater repair service.

We Specialize in All Water Heater Repairs

Ritz Plumbing & Heating specializes in all types of heating systems, with technicians trained to complete water heater repairs, gas heater repairs, and electric heater repairs. We also repair systems and have direct access to parts. We are located in Orange County and can have a certified technician at your home the same day you contact us, if necessary. Our 80 years of experience has given us plenty to time to encounter every heating problem imaginable, providing us the expertise necessary to complete any repair in a timely and effective manner. Whether it’s a minor tune-up to your heater or a complete overhaul, we have seen it before and know how to fix it.

Reduce Your Monthly Heating Costs

Many people are not aware of the fact that an old or defective heating system will increase monthly heating bills because the machine has to work harder to compensate for the deficiency. We can work to maximize the efficiency of your current heating system, or completely reinstall a new heating system that will reduce utility bills and increase efficiency. Ritz Plumbing & Heating has been working for decades to help keep residents of Orange County warm in the winter by providing exceptional heater repair service. Call us today for all of your heater repairs and guarantee greater comfort for you and your family, while also saving money on your monthly heating bill.

We also provide the following services to Orange County: