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Oxnard, founded in 1903 by Henry T. Oxnard, has become an amazing place to live. From its lush strawberry fields to the Channel Islands Harbor to the Esplanade Shopping Mall, there is something for everyone here. Restaurants and resorts abound, and the soft, sandy beaches are so beautiful that they have been used as movie locations since the early days of film.

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What makes our city even more wonderful? You never need to live with faulty pipes, drains or faucets, because our plumber Oxnard team is here to handle every crisis. That is why we always have available a 24 hour emergency plumber to meet your needs.

Living on the San Andreas Fault as we do, earthquake valves are a necessity. At the same time, Oxnard residents need the more common services, just as people around the country do. Whether you need faucet repair, hot water heater repair, dishwasher repair, drain cleaners, gas line repair or a simple pipe repair, we are here to handle the job.

We also install new pipes and plumb new appliances. For example, we do gas line installation, hot water heater installation, and tankless water heater installation Oxnard. Our tankless water heater installation Oxnard team members make sure your appliance is set up to be long-lasting and efficient.

It is just as important to get the water out of your home or business as it is to get it in. Excellent drains are essential for sanitary conditions and preservation of property. Routine drain cleaning Oxnard is one of our specialties. Our rooter Oxnard takes care of clogs quickly. If one of those clogs happens after business hours, it is no problem. Our 24 hour emergency plumber will come right away to fix it.

Along with good-running drains, excellent sewer line repair Oxnard is extremely important. We do all kinds of sewer line repair Oxnard residents need, including trenchless sewer repair.

Of course, plumbing is all about pipes, and water is a big part of the equation. We provide top water pressure regulator services to keep things running steadily. We also install and repair sprinkler systems Oxnard customers request.

We offer commercial plumbing services Oxnard as well. No matter what installations or repairs you need at your business, we can send out a commercial plumber who is knowledgeable, skillful and fully qualified to do this meticulous work.

If your home or business plumbing is constantly springing leaks, you don’t need to look any further for a plumber who can fix all that and more. Ritz Plumbing is ready and willing to take on all your plumbing problems, at a fraction of the price of other leak detection Oxnard providers!

If you need a plumber Oxnard, we are not only close at hand, but you will never meet a more professional plumber anywhere. To top it all off, we are here when you need us, no matter when you need us, with our 24 hour emergency plumber service. Wherever you live in Oxnard, whether right on the Ventura Highway or anywhere in the city, we are ready to provide you with all the plumbing services you need.