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Ritz Plumbing, since its establishment in 1931, has been a household name for the people in the Redondo Beach. True to our legacy of quality service, we have stayed with the locals through all possible situations. Through the years, our services have also diversified and specialized to cater every need when a plumbing emergency arises.

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Since the past decade, there has been a steady increase of real estate and commercial developments around the area because of its famous golden coast and powdery sands. Hence, the Redondo Beach is one of the premier destinations in California for beach, fun and the sun.

This Beach city is home to some of the world-class surfing experience with record-billing waves as well as beach volleys that are pretty much intertwined with the locals’ lifestyle.

It is not surprising why multitudes frolic and crowd the sands especially during summers for beach parties and bars. Beyond the beach, this fun hub also caters for a myriad of other activities for everyone.

Nestled inside horseshoe-shaped beach landmark, the Redondo Beach Pier is famous for its panoramic sunsets and placid sea waters. Visitors can catch live band performance and dine into some of Redondo’s finest. On the North end is the Redondo Boardwalk Association—the hub for various restaurant and entertainment amenities in the city.

In an annual setting, several well-known bands, celebrities and other touring groups have graced in Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center. This former high school auditorium was transformed into an events venue when the former decided to close in 1982.

Another attraction in Redondo Beach is the Riviera Village—six blocks of cloistered souvenir shops, restaurant, spas, cafes is suited for every modes of interest. The location is perfect for viewing the Pacific Ocean horizon as well as the stately Palos Verdes cliffs along the peninsula.

The Redondo Beach area is rife with plumbing concerns that need addressing. Thankfully, Ritz Plumbing is here to help you through any plumbing disasters you may come across. If you’re looking for the kind of 24 hour emergency plumber or rooter Redondo Beach doesn’t ordinarily offer, come to Ritz for a comprehensive and affordable plumbing plan. We’ve got all the resources you need for pipe repair and we offer the kind of safe, efficient tankless water heater installation Redondo Beach needs.

If you’re thinking quick, professional, and financially sound, you’re thinking Ritz. A job from Ritz is an investment that will pay off in the future: we give the kind of drain cleaning Redondo Beach needs, and the sewer line repair Redondo Beach asks for. This excellent service is given at a sensible price for the area, and our 24 hour service can summon the plumber Redondo Beach residents need at any hour of the day or night. Consider us when looking for a plumber!

Redondo Beach leak detection should be a Redondo Beach home or business owner’s first priority. Don’t let leaky pipes take you by surprise: call Ritz Plumbing, where a leaky pipe is all in a day’s work. Our capable technicians will get you the leak detection Redondo Beach has been looking for.

Establishments around here call us for any assistance regarding their fixtures. Ritz Plumbing also innovates in utilizing energy-conserving mechanisms to maximize efficiency as well as the leader for tankless water heaters around Los Angeles.

Are you in need of reliable plumbing service? Call us today (310-839-1131) and receive immediate assistance that is available 24/7. Our professionally-trained staff will attend to your every plumbing need—all at honest and reasonable rates. Your complete satisfaction is our priority.

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