Ritz Plumbing & Heating makes sure residents of San Bernadino do not have to visit the hot springs at the historic Arrowhead Springs Hotel and Spa in order to stay warm when the temperature falls. We offer the best heater repair service in California, offering water heater repair, gas heater repair, and electric heater repair to all residents since 1931. Although heat is not needed during much of the year, it is important to have a properly functioning heater for the few cold days during the winter and for during the night when the temperature can drop. Residents should check to ensure the system is functioning properly before it is needed.

Ritz Plumbing Also Repairs Systems

Our experts can complete any heater repair, and they have particular expertise with systems. Our company has direct access to the parts necessary to make any possible repair. We are located in San Bernadino and offer 24-hour service to all residents, guaranteeing there will never again be a cold night in your home. We promise to fix the problem on our first visit to make sure we do not have to come back another time to finish the job, as we know your time is important and do not want to waste it.

Let Our Heater Repair Experts Lower Your Heating Bill

Ritz Plumbing & Heating can work to maximize the efficiency of your current unit, as it can increase your monthly heating costs if it the heater is not functioning properly. Our experts can also install a completely new heating system in your home. Our heater repair team can install a new energy-efficient system that is not only beneficial to the environment, but will amount to a serious decrease in your monthly heating costs. Call now to speak with one of our representatives to discuss options to increase the efficiency of your heating system, or to set up an appointment with one of our heater repair technicians to perform any repair imaginable at a low cost.

We also provide the following services to San Bernardino County: