Plumber San Diego

We’re proud to be the plumber San Diego residents know they can rely on for fast, efficient service, day or night. We’ve been serving the region since 1931, so our plumbers in San Diego are a familiar sight to city residents. Many have seen our well stocked Ritz plumbing service vehicles zipping around the city all their lives. We offer the full range of residential and commercial plumbing services, including installing new plumbing systems, plumbing system maintenance and plumbing repair. We work in all of San Diego’s neighborhoods, including the communities right by the border, like San Ysidro and Otay Mesa.

24-Hour Emergency Plumbing Service

Many of our long-term customer relationships began with a desperate search for a San Diego plumber willing to handle a middle of the night plumbing emergency. When you call Ritz, day or night, you’re going to speak with somebody that can help you get an emergency plumbing problem under control fast. Our talented San Diego plumbing technicians are available to help you 24 hours a day. We’ve been working in San Diego for more than 80 years, so we know every nook and cranny of this city. Our San Diego plumbers aren’t going to be lost on the other side of the San Diego River while your house is flooding. Our seasoned experts have the hands-on experience and expertise to quickly diagnose the problem and get the repair work underway.

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Small Repairs and Routine Maintenance

If you have a leaky faucet, aside from wasting water – something quite precious in this part of the country – it is pushing your water bill up higher than it needs to be with each day the leak is not fixed. Our expert technicians are happy to handle the small repairs that keep your plumbing system as resource and cost efficient as it can be. When leaky sinks and other small repairs are put off, water pressure can be reduced and, after a while, other parts of the plumbing system can break down. The plumbing services San Diego residents get the most value from are often small repairs and routine plumbing system maintenance. That is because keeping your plumbing system in good repair helps it to last longer, reduces the chance of a major malfunction catching you by surprise and keeps your water costs down.

Sophisticated Diagnostic Equipment

Our service quality is what makes us stand out from the other plumbing companies in San Diego. Our plumbing technicians arrive with the top-notch equipment they need for fast, accurate leak detection. With high-tech video equipment and ultra-sensitive listening devices, our skilled plumbers can track down leaks wherever they may be in your plumbing system. Behind a wall, under concrete or below ground, if it is leaking, your Ritz plumber is going to find it. Technology makes pinpointing a problem clog a faster, more accurate process.

Kitchen and Bathroom Plumbing

We are the plumbing contractors San Diego residents turn to when they’re remodeling their kitchens and bathrooms, especially when custom plumbing work is required. We’ve been handling kitchen and bath plumbing installations and repairs for decades and have the experience to meet almost any kitchen or bathroom design or repair challenge. Our plumbers are familiar with all the top brands of commercial and residential dishwashers, as well as older models and lesser known brands, so we are the plumber San Diego homeowners and businesses trusts when repair work needs to be done. Expect fast service for toilet, bath and shower repairs and replacements. We can help you choose the most efficient fixtures for your needs. We also repair and replace garbage disposals and waste traps.

Hot Water Heaters

Our residential and commercial plumbers in San Diego have hands-on experience with a wide range of hot water heater brands and models, including today’s tankless hot water heaters. If you need a repair, our plumbing technicians can get the job done. However, with older models, it is always a good idea to weigh the cost of the repair against the potential savings you may gain by replacing an older model with one of today’s highly efficient models. When you call in a Ritz San Diego plumber, you get a skilled professional able to provide you with the accurate information you need to make these types of choices.

Your Outside Plumbing

Our San Diego plumbing experts can help you use water more efficiently outside. We can help you install a custom sprinkler system or repair the one you’ve already got in place. We’ve been here a long time and understand the dirt and the climate, both important elements to consider when planning a sprinkler system. Other outside water matters we can assist you with include your pool and your outdoor draining systems. If you have outdoor fountains that need repair or replacement, we can help. For ponds, we offer a range of care and cleaning plumbing services San Diego residents can trust. We’re one of the most experienced plumbing companies in San Diego. Our clients know that our plumbers come with the knowledge and equipment required to get the work done and get it done well.

Your Full Service Plumber

We’re the plumbing contractors San Diego businesses and residents trust for honest, high quality work. We work hard to maintain the excellent reputation we’ve spent more than 80 years building. Our plumbers are among the best educated and most talented in the city. That’s why they’re Ritz plumbers. Our team of plumbers has been carefully selected to ensure that we can provide the widest range of plumbing services possible to our residential and commercial customers. We are the full service plumber you can rely on for fast, expert service.

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