Drain Cleaning Is Second Nature For Us At Ritz

Although experts recommend periodic drain cleaning to prevent clogs and backups, many homeowners don’t think about having their drains cleaned until it is too late. A serious backup can cause waste water to flood your home, which requires costly cleanup. In some cases, severe clogs can also rupture plumbing pipes, which means that you will have to pay for pipe replacement.

If you live in the Santa Ana area, you can depend on Ritz Plumbing for your drain cleaning needs. Our technicians bring all of the necessary equipment and drain cleaning tools to safely and efficiently remove clogs and clean out your drains. Our drain cleaning machines are designed to remove hair and other tough obstacles while protecting your plumbing system from damage.

A FlexiSnake drain cleaning tool can quickly break up most drain clogs. For particularly tough obstacles, our professionals can use a drain cleaning bladder to power through hair, grease, and soap residue.

We also offer other services to help you maintain your home. For example, we provide storm drain cleaning and sewer repair services to hundreds of Santa Ana residents each year.

Trust Ritz Plumbing with all of your sewer and drain cleaning needs. For more than 80 years, we have provided plumbing and repair services to homeowners and businesses throughout Southern California. Whether you live in downtown Santa Ana or the East Metro area, we can take care of nearly any plumbing problem in less time than you might expect. We look forward to making you our next highly satisfied customer!

We also provide the following services to Santa Ana: