Top Notch Leak Detection Keeps Your Floors Dry

Finding a plumbing leak, clog, or backup can ruin your day. Discovering a plumbing problem can seem even worse when it happens late at night or on a weekend. You might be tempted to perform repairs yourself so that you don’t have to call a plumber until the next business day. Unfortunately, most homeowners lack the expertise and equipment to diagnose problems and perform repairs correctly.

If you live in the Santa Ana area, there’s no need to worry. Ritz Plumbing offers 24 hr emergency services in South Coast Metro, downtown, and all other areas of the city. Our emergency plumbing service technicians can travel to your home day or night.

No job is too big or too small for our friendly, qualified experts. We can fix a problem as simple as a drain leak or as complex as a sewer backup. We can even inspect and repair pool supply lines to find cracks and ruptures that can prevent optimal water flow to your outdoor pool.

We provide emergency drain repair services to fix leaks and remove stubborn clogs that prevent water drainage and can rupture plumbing pipes. We also offer emergency rooter services to clear out clogs in your sewer line to eliminate backups and reduce the risk of costly line ruptures.

Call our 24 hour service line to schedule a visit from our knowledgeable technicians. At Ritz Plumbing, we are dedicated to providing fast, effective emergency plumbing services to residents and business owners throughout the Santa Ana area and beyond!

We also provide the following services to Santa Ana: