Though we all wish we could lay on the shores of Santa Monica Beach every day soaking up the warm sun, or walk throughout Palisades Park enjoying the glorious weather, there are some days where the temperature plummets, even in Santa Monica, and you may need to turn up the heat in your home. What happens if it won’t turn on or there is another problem with your home heater? You call the professionals at Ritz Plumbing for heater repair, of course! We have the know how and expertise to carry out professional heater repair, even in Santa Monica where you may only use your electric or gas furnace a few times each year.

Call Us When You Need Expert Heater Repair in the Santa Monica Area

If the heating part of your system is acting up, you will need to get a professional in for heater repair as soon as you can. Heater repair from a company like ours, which has been in business for over 80 years, is not only quick and effective, but always affordable. We are available 24/7 for heater repair, so even in the dead of night, when your electric or gas furnace seizes up, a member of our expert team is available to come to your home.

In addition to Heater Repair, We Offer Other Services As Well

There are other services in addition to heater repair that will keep your system functioning. Heater maintenance, for example, is another service we offer, and one way to ensure that your electric or gas furnace lasts for many years to come. Heater replacement is also an option that is available for when it is truly time to replace that old and worn out heater.

As you can see, Ritz Plumbing can help you keep your home comfortable, regardless of the time of year. Contact us today to learn more about how we can be of service.

We also provide the following services to Santa Monica: