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How To Use Bitcoin For Ritz Plumbing Services

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Ritz Plumbing is excited to announce that we are now accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment for our services!

If you’re not familiar with Bitcoin, it’s a relatively new form of digital currency designed to protect the consumer, and ensure an easier transaction for everyone involved.  In other words, everyone wins.

If the phrase “digital currency” seems daunting or confusing, don’t worry.  It’s actually simple, and not all that different from how you pay for things now.  Using a system called Bitpay, you can pay your Ritz invoice easily with your Bitcoins.

Why use Bitpay?

The major advantage to Bitpay is that it protects online privacy.  Contrast it to how credit cards work.  When you pay for something online using a card, you have to give up a lot of personal information (name, address, email, credit card number, etc.).  However, Bitpay requires almost none of these things.  You only have to authenticate that you have the money in your account.

Additionally, you’ll never incur any hidden fees.  Credit card companies charge you for all kinds of so-called services, but that’s not the way Bitpay works.  Because it’s a streamlined service with minimal infrastructure, it can eliminate many of the costs that come with plastic.

Is Bitpay safe?

Bitpay has actually built its reputation on fraud protection.  It will never ask you to submit extraneous information that may be passed on to third parties, or worse, stolen by hackers.

When you use Bitpay, you can count on a secure transfer of funds.  It’s also well-funded, fully backed, and shows no sign of financial trouble.  There are other processor companies out there for Bitcoin, but Bitpay has the best reputation.

How do I use it?

You’ll find that Bitpay feels somewhat familiar.  That’s because it’s been streamlined to ease the process of payment as much as possible.

When you hire Ritz to perform a service, you’ll be issued a bill, just as you always have.  However, you’ll pay the invoice a little differently.  You’ll receive an alert when the invoice is issued, and then you can pay it via our website.  In the end, it will all come down to a simple click.

While we want to take advantage of Bitcoin’s advantages, we are making sure that it doesn’t burden you.  We feel confident that this system will work for everyone.

We know that Southern California and Los Angeles in particular prides itself on innovation, and we’re happy to offer this service to our customers.

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