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Want to Know Your Neighborhood’s Most Common Plumbing Problems?

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This is a question we get asked a lot.  Generally, people want to know if their burst pipe or overflowing toilet falls in line with the problems of their neighbors.  But even if they’re not in the throws of a plumbing emergency, they want to know if they should expect one, based on the issues in their area.

It’s important to remember that, just because one household is wrestling with a particular water or pipe problem, it doesn’t mean that you will as well.  Every house is a little different, and circumstances change from home to home.

However, many neighborhoods in Los Angeles were built in a cluster, and their homes reflect a particular era.  The materials used to build a house may have worked great in the 1920s, but they don’t necessarily hold up now.

This is where problems can arise.

You have a right to know if your plumbing issue is a one-time inconvenience, or indicative of a neighborhood-wide epidemic – and if it’s going to get worse.

So here’s a breakdown of some common calls that we get, per district.

Beverly Hills

For many years, Beverly Hills has been an affluent neighborhood, and its homes are no exception.  They were built using top-notch pipes and fixtures, but even these have accrued some wear and tear over time.

In particular, water heaters seem to fail at an unusually high rate.  Whether they’re leaking or suffering from corroded lines, the bottom line is they can affect your water supply and ruin your day, especially if they die suddenly.

Luckily it’s easy to find the best emergency plumbing services Los Angeles has to offer.  Ritz Plumbing is available 24/7 to fix your broken water heater, or whatever other issue is undermining your home and neighborhood.

Culver City

Sometimes there’s seemingly no rhyme or reason for a series of related plumbing problems.  Culver City, with all of its new restaurants, bars, and urbanization is plagued by leaky faucets.  Apparently, the fixtures just can’t hold their own against years of water flowing through them.  Fortunately, these are generally easy to fix, either with some cleaning and tweaking, or through simple replacements.

Santa Monica

Santa Monica is one of the most desirable places to live in the city for its beautiful beaches and laid-back residents.  However, one thing that always gets tempers flaring is a clogged drain.  Seen more often in this west-side neighborhood than most other places in L.A., clogged drains can cause back up, and in the worst scenarios, flood bathrooms and kitchens.  If you live here, keep an eye out for this problem.

Marina Del Rey

Unfortunately, one of the most feared plumbing plights happens in one of the best places in the city.  Backed up sewer lines can cause a serious headache, not to mention terrible odors.  Marina Del Rey is prone to burst underground lines, but luckily these are only truly disruptive if they’re not caught in time.  Just make sure you watch for the warning signs, like foul smells and oversaturated patches of lawn.

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