Our Leak Detection Team Can Save the Day

Nothing can ruin a day of dining with celebrities at the Formosa Café like an unexpected leak. It can prevent access to water and even cause serious damage. Ritz Plumbing & Heating offers leak detection services to all West Hollywood residents. We are available 24 hours a day and can dispatch a leak detection specialist at any time in the night in the event of an emergency. You can rest assured there will be something awake to take care of your plumbing problems the next time you have a leak.

Our Leak Detection Specialists Will Find Water Anywhere, Even Under the Slab

Our leak detection experts are trained and properly equipped to find water and stop a leak no matter where it is. Many companies are not able to make repairs if the leak is under a slab of concrete, such as with a pool. Ritz Plumbing is armed with the best equipment on the market, allowing our leak detection team to utilize cameras and microphones to determine the origin of the leak. It does not matter if the leak is under your floor, behind a wall, or under an enormous slab of concrete, our leak detection team is guaranteed to find it and stop it.

West Hollywood’s Best 24-Hour Leak Detection Service

We offer 24-hour service to ensure all residents of West Hollywood have a trusted name to call if an overnight emergency occurs. Time is of the essence when it comes to a leak due to how quickly the water can damage property and possessions. We can have a certified leak detection specialist at your home within minutes of receiving your call. Don’t let a leak rain on your day. Call Ritz Plumbing and Heating for all of your emergencies today.

We also provide the following services to West Hollywood: